About Adam M. Snow

      "I see the world through two different eyes; the eyes of
       ​a poet, and the eyes of a dreamer." –Adam M. Snow

     Adam M. Snow is a popular internet poet/writer,
     ​philosopher and ​photographer known by many.
     ​Snow ​was born May 30th of 1988 in Phoenix,​
     ​Arizona. He currently lives in El ​Mirage, a small
     ​rural town in the western Arizona. Adam is
     ​Shakespeare’s twenty second generation
     ​descendant, ​on Shakespeare's ​mother’s sister’s
     ​side. When ​he was born, he was lacked ​of oxygen and almost died. ​At age 5 Adam was soon diagnosed with
                ​ADHD with ​speech impediment; he was
                ​always ​in ​and out of ​​​​hospitals because
                ​of it. ​Later on in life, Adam
                ​found that he was in fact 
                ​misdiagnosed. He was not ADHD like he
                ​was raised to believe, he was in fact
                ​diagnosed with Asperger, a type of
                ​autism. Snow started writing 
                ​poetry in 2003 though he originally
                ​started writing short ​stories.
                ​It was through his ​cousin that had 
                inspired him to write poetry in the
                ​first place. Adam writes metaphorical style poetry and​ ​has ​experimented ​​often with different
styles of poetry; such as free verse, ode and lyrics. He was always alone throughout
​high school as he was a victim of
​bullying; he kept his distance
​from everyone, he remained by
​himself. He then ​graduated high
​school ​in 2006 from Tolleson
                   ​Union High
                   ​School; he 
                   ​suffered many
                   ​years of
                   ​after that.
                   ​On the 9th of December ​in 2009, he 
                   ​lost his father to lung cancer;
                   ​some of his poems he wrote, ​he
                   ​wrote for him. Snow is a
                   ​Pentecostal Christian yet some of
                   ​his poetry can be dark, but with a
                   ​biblical meaning throughout it;
                   ​like the poem 'Hanging from a Blood
                   ​Soaked Tree' for example. Over the
                   ​years, Adam has had so many people tell him that he should stop writing, that he’s not good. That never stopped him; he still writes poetry to this very day and he continues to inspire people through his works.
A.M. Snow © 2012 all rights reserved
"What inspires me is what inspires most poets; my heart, my feelings, and the dreams I dream."
–Adam M. Snow

"The writer’s mind, can surpass even the most intellectual minds."
–Adam M. Snow

"A simple word can start a life, just as a simple word can end a life."
–Adam M. Snow

"Forever is not forever; there's only one eternity." –Adam M. Snow

"An enemy is a friend, who's blind and cannot see the kindness of your heart."  –Adam M. Snow

"If we forget the past, then the past do we repeat." 
–Adam M. Snow

"Life itself is a gift from God. It's not about when we use it, but how we use it; for selfish needs or compassion towards one another, to waste or to live fully in the moment, to love or to hate. There are many ways to live, only one way is true and that's through Him."  –Adam M. Snow 
"I breath every moment God has given me." –Adam M. Snow

"Poetry is the thoughts of an insane mind." –Adam M. Snow

"When I write, I let lose my insanity; when I dream, I live my insanity." –Adam M. Snow

"The end to a nightmare, is to simply open your eyes."
–Adam M. Snow

"To live is a wonderful thing; to love is tremendous."
–Adam M. Snow

"Poetry is a way for our soul to speak out." –Adam M. Snow

"Shower your enemy with kindness and in return, kindness shall be showered upon you."
–Adam M. Snow

"Life can hurt, but it's the pain that we learn from."  –Adam M. Snow

"I see the world through two different eyes; the eyes of a poet, and the eyes of a dreamer."
 –Adam M. Snow

"I am willing to explore all aspects of my life, to see what all I can do, to see if there is a limit to all things I am able to do. I am always up for a challenge, and I welcome all challenges life brings my way."
–Adam M. Snow

"Fear is the essence of giving up." –Adam M. Snow

 "If we live like that we dreamed, there would be no pain to endure." –Adam M. Snow

"Behind my eyes, lies the deepest pain and loneliness no man should ever feel." –Adam M. Snow

"The difference between a poet and a philosopher; the poet writes his thoughts down, as for the philosopher who speaks his thoughts. They are both one and the same." –Adam M. Snow

"I write with blinded emotions; I have no idea what I'm writing, until it is written. I have no control over what I write, I just put it to paper." –Adam M. Snow

"God has not forsaken the people; the people have forsaken God."
–Adam M. Snow

"Life is like a caged bird, who sings only to pleases but dreams only to be free." –Adam M. Snow

"We are broken up, scattered like an unfinished puzzle and the only pieces that are missing are honor, loyalty, friendship, trust, and most important love. Without these the puzzle will never be one."
–Adam M. Snow

"Sin is a seed that grows into a weed; when planted, can devour man." –Adam M. Snow

"Let us live for the moment, learn from the past and dream towards the future."  –Adam M. Snow

[Famous quotes by Adam M. Snow]
 "It's better to give few words, whether it's just one than none at all." –Adam M. Snow

"A poet, is when you have nothing but words on your mind; words dying to be set free, words longing to be inspired, words longing to live on long after you have past. As long as your mind is full of words, you will always be a poet."
–Adam M. Snow

"By judging others, we judge ourselves." –Adam M. Snow
"A man who put himself before others, is but chaos waiting to happen. A man who put others before him, is a man who's willing to sacrifice all." –Adam M. Snow

"Sometimes it's best to stop looking with our eyes, and start looking with our hearts."
 –Adam M. Snow

"This world is but a temporary home, our life is the path, the road to our home, but it takes the right path to get there and it takes going down some hard roads to make it home."  –Adam M. Snow

"The moment my pen touches the paper, I've became possessed by my words." –Adam M. Snow
"Sometimes, the best way for one to be found is to stay lost."
–Adam M. Snow

"To know yourself is to know your heart, to know your heart is to seek your dreams."
​–Adam M. Snow

"To win a fight, one must know the enemy; to win a war, one must become the enemy."
–Adam M. Snow

"You never learn anything unless you try." –Adam M. Snow

"Even the writer, gets writer's block." –Adam M. Snow​​

"Poetry is a gift from the soul and hearts of man, passed down by God Himself."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​

"Life as we know it, is endless." –Adam M. Snow​​

"Time is only a memory."
​ –Adam M. Snow​​​​

"Let them do harm to Christians; as a Christian myself, I shall arm myself with my tongue and the Word, and they shall fall to their knees.​​" –Adam M. Snow​​​​

"I wish everyone would stop sleeping and just for once, wake up and see the world from my prospective.​​" –Adam M. Snow​​​​

"I enjoy setting free my insanity, through my ink soaked pen. If didn't, I would've gone sane through the lack of my insanity. What kind of a poet would I be?​​"
–Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"To write with words from an empty thought, a broken dream and a shattered heart. Is it not poetry?​​" –Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"If someone tells you, you can't bring your bible to school. Just smile at them and say, "Well, the Constitution says I can, nowhere does it say I can't."​​
​​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"Fear is the realization that we are only human."​​ ​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"The writer who pours himself upon the emptiness of a page, shall live forever.​​" –Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"Where would this road take me, if I don't stop to ask for directions?​​"
​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"I live for two things; I live to inspire and I live to praise God.​​"
​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"The world may be dark, it's never dark with God."​​ ​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"To deny God is to deny creation, to deny creation is to deny your existence."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"Time is but a memory for the future."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​​​​​
"Through writing, I escape reality."
 –Adam M. Snow

"Life is short, words are eternal."
–Adam M. Snow

"I would rather fall victim to my insanity, then fall victim to my sanity." –Adam M. Snow
"Poetry is when you take pride in putting effort in what you write, expressing your deepest feelings, to have it flow in such a way that it leaves an imprint on their hearts, their minds and their lives, leaving the readers wanting more." 
​–Adam M. Snow

"Our tongue's a double edge sword; when use wrongly could hurt someone for the rest of their lives." ​​–Adam M. Snow

"The writer who can write anything, can journey into his own world.​​" –Adam M. Snow

"What is family, if it's not of love?​​"
–Adam M. Snow​

"Nothing good can come from forcing your words to flow."
–Adam M. Snow​​

"A true poet lives off their insanity."​ –Adam M. Snow

"A true poet, is a poet who never stops writing."​​ –Adam M. Snow

"It takes one to stand up, for many sure to follow and it takes one to make a stand, for the corrupt to fall.​​" –Adam M. Snow

"Label me a fool for being a fool; label me a coward for being a coward. But never label me weak for showing compassion.​​"
–Adam M. Snow​

"I have two minds; my sanity and my insanity. It's a raging war and my insanity is winning.​​"
–Adam M. Snow​​

"What makes man great is the poetry he writes."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​​

"Poetry is my escape from this nightmare called, 'Reality.'​​"
–Adam M. Snow​​​​

"There's a writer in all of us. The question is, are you willing to unleash your insanity?"​​
–Adam M. Snow​

"Too much knowledge will lead a man to believe he's God."​​
–Adam M. Snow​​

"Poetry is an expression of how we feel, what we dream and how we live. It defines us, who we are.​​"
–Adam M. Snow​​​
"The writer's curse is not knowing what to write."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​

"I write not because I must, I write so I can inspire a generation." –Adam M. Snow​​

​​"The bird that teaches love, flies away." –Adam M. Snow​​

"Poetry doesn't have to be perfect, it just have to have that one emotion enough to inspire; perhaps even inspire a generation."
–Adam M. Snow​​

"What are words really, if not of thoughts trying to escape through the ink us writers shed."​​
–Adam M. Snow​​​

"Life, isn't about living; it's about teaching others to live.​​"
–Adam M. Snow​​​​

"A sculpture sculpts his soul out of stone and clay; likewise the writer who writes himself upon a page. They are born to live forever, like the artist who paints his life upon the canvas.​​" –Adam M. Snow​​​​

"A forgotten dream, is an endless tragedy to he who fears reality. He is worse beyond a coward and shall not be called a man."
​–Adam M. Snow​​​​
"For every blood that is shed, a poet weeps his words upon the emptiness of his page."​
​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​

"I write, so my words can be free and inspire others."​​
​​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"We live life by choosing who we are and who we want to be, we're not born in to it. We are who we are because we choose to live that way, it's our choice.​​" ​–Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"We're not born into who we are today, we're who we are today because we choose to be who we are."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"One cannot have too many books, but there is a limit to the knowledge one can have."​​ –Adam M. Snow​​​​​​

"A poet never dies, we just become the ink with which we write.​​"
–Adam M. Snow​​​​​​​